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Curriculum Vitae


Social Documentary

Contemplative Pedagogy in Secular Contexts

Dreams and Adult Spiritual Development


M.S. California State University Fullerton, Instructional Design and Technology, May 2018

Master's Project: Designing Courses with Contemplative Pedagogy: A Professional Development Webinar  [Paper] 

B.A. University of Massachusetts Boston, Community Studies, December 2011 summa cum laude


Open (film short), 2020. Seattle Minute Movies. Kai Dailey, Writer/Editor/ Director.

2020 Virtual Spring Recital (commissioned video for music school), June 2020. Dixie Marshall Piano Studios. Kai Dailey, Editor/Producer. 

Take Me Home (documentary film short), 2013 OUTrageous Film Festival. Research/Production Assistant. Mark Ravitz, Director.

The 48 Hour Film Project Los Angeles (multi-city film competition), 2008, Production Assistant, Peter Fox, Producer.

Health Matters, Rachel Rockafellow (radio show), April 2007. KEMC Yellowstone Public Radio. Production Assistant. Ken Siebert, Producer.  

Yin Yoga with Paulie Zink (multi-episode television), 2005. Community Channel 7, Billings, MT. Kai Dailey, Producer/Director.

Hatha Yoga (multi-episode television), 2005. Community Channel 7, Billings, MT. Board Op/Production Assistant. Tim Harrington, Program Manager.

St. Vincent In Touch (multi-episode television), 2005. Community Channel 7, Billings, MT. Board Op/Production Assistant. Tim Harrington, Program Manager.

Yellowstone County Commissioner Meetings/Billings City Council Meetings (multi-episode television), 2005. Community Channel 7, Billings, MT. Board Op/Production Assistant. Tim Harrington, Program Manager.

Montana This Morning (multi-episode television), 2004-2005. KTVQ CBS Affiliate Billings, MT. Newscast Assistant (studio cameras/editing/broadcast tape playback). Jon Stepanek, News Director.

The Noon News (multi-episode television), 2004-2005. KTVQ CBS Affiliate Billings, MT. Newscast Assistant (studio cameras/editing/broadcast tape playback). Jon Stepanek, News Director.

The 5:30 News (multi-episode television), 2004-2005. KTVQ CBS Affiliate Billings, MT. Newscast Assistant (studio cameras/editing/broadcast tape playback). Jon Stepanek, News Director.

The 10:00 News (multi-episode television), 2004-2005. KTVQ CBS Affiliate Billings, MT. Newscast Assistant (studio cameras/editing/broadcast tape playback). Jon Stepanek, News Director.

Heroines In Film (video essay), 2005. Montana State University Billings. Kai Dailey, Writer/Editor/Producer.

JCPenney (voice-over regional ad), 1983, KJMB-FM Radio, Blythe, CA, Child Voice Actor, Richard Schopp, Producer.

McDonald's (voice-over regional ad), 1983, KJMB-FM Radio, Blythe, CA, Child Voice Actor, Richard Schopp, Producer.

Christian Bible Story Series, (voice extra), 1979, Reachout Productions, Independence, MO, Child Voice Actor, Richard Schopp, Producer.


Video Editor.  KDA Creative, Spokane, WA.  October 2019 - Present 

Video production services (script writing, background research, production workflow, video editing).



Field Interviewer.  Westat, Rockville, Maryland. December 2012 - December 2015

Medical Expenditure Panel Survey for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (AHRQ). Completed over 500 advance calls and CAPI interviews in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties for the 2013 through 2015 collection seasons. Each respondent household was followed for two years and interviewed five times. Each interview varied in duration from 1 hour to 12 hours (over multiple sessions). Respondent retention 95 percent.

Research Assistant.  Women's Economic Ventures, Santa Barbara, California. Summer 2014
Completed 135 telephone interviews in ten-weeks for annual non-profit microenterprise program evaluation.  Achieved a 70% participation rate for the project. Worked collaboratively and independently throughout the project.  Collected quantitative and qualitative data on client experiences, opinions and outcomes.  Post-employment: Continued to explore possible factors contributing to gender gap found among full-time versus part-time entrepreneurship among graduates of self-employment training program.  Developed theory of change, conducted bivariate analysis of previous year's 2013 survey data, content analysis (via Dedoose) of open-ended survey questions, and literature review.


The Spirituality Project, Washington and California. April 2013 - April 2014

Independent research. Completed nine semi-structured qualitative interviews with a purposive sample on the topic of private and public religious and spiritual experiences and personal definitions of religion and spirituality. 

Research Transcriptionist.  Jenifer Toussaint Transcription, Pittsburgh, Ohio via Elance. Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

Transcribed audio recordings.  Produced 120 hours of research quality transcripts in 2013/2014 for nonfiction authors, lecturers and social researchers at Johns Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin, Mathematica, Baylor University, University of Michigan, and others.  


Research/Production Assistant.  Inner Fire Productions, Santa Barbara, California.  July 2011 - March 2013
Conducted literature review and funding research for independent social documentary on gay parenthood.  Evaluated grant opportunities, produced donor reports, assisted with small event planning and social media scheduling, curating and posting. Maintained donor database (Donor Tools). Wrote and edited donor letters, proposals and web copy.  Film short debuted at the annual Outrageous Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California 2013.


Enumerator.  U.S. Census Bureau, Spokane, Washington. Spring 2010
Conducted short-form interviews in Spokane, Washington's South Hill neighborhoods. 


Research Assistant.  Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Billings, Montana. May 2004 - October 2004
Ground water data collection in Park County, Montana.  Collected well, stream, spring samples and water rights data from 40+ households.  GIS mapping of well sites, TIGER files and satellite data using ArcGIS Desktop.  Entered collected data into the Ground Water Information Center (GWIC), conducted analysis of collected data and satellite images.


Virtual Services & Consulting.  Kai Dailey & Associates, LLC. (formerly KD Enterprises).  October 2012 - October 2019  


Field Interviewer.  Westat, Rockville, MD.  December 2012 - December 2015



Gautreau, C. F., Dailey, K. L., & Evans, L. (2020). Building virtual bridges: Engaging online learners through an interactive webinar series. Journal of Educators Online, 17(2).

"Designing Courses with Contemplative Pedagogy Online." TCC Worldwide Online Conference. April 2018.


"Designing with Contemplative Pedagogies Online: A Professional Development Webinar."  Poster session at the Ed Week 2017 Research Symposium at California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA. November 2017.

See: Researchgate Profile



January 2018 "Contemplative Pedagogies and Adult Learning Theory." USC Contemplative Pedagogy Initiative. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. 



Proposal Reviewer for Scientific Committee (March/April 2018); Member, Design and Planning Committee (October 2017-December 2017). International Transformative Learning Conference 2018, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Assisted with entry updates to the ed tech journal list housed at for Boise State University Department of Educational Technology (February 2019).



2019 New Member Award for service excellence in the completion of five consulting projects between 2018-2019 with a high degree of client satisfaction, 501 Commons, Seattle, Washington.

2018 Outstanding Graduate, Department of Instructional Design & Technology at California State University, Fullerton.



American Sociological Association  2012-Present

International Network for the Study of Spirituality  2021-Present

International Association for the Study of Dreams   2022-Present



Singing Over the Bones. Five-Day Facilitator Training with Dr. Clarissa Estes. Institute for Archetypal and Cross-cultural Studies. Loveland, CO. Summer 2016 (28 Hours)


Registered Yoga Teacher. Yin Yoga Institute. 2008 (500 Hours)


Eight-Week University Grants Training and Certification. Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS. 2006


Montana Women's Prison, Billings, Montana. Instructor. (Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung)

April 2007 - October 2007

Kirpalu, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Teaching Assistant. Yin & Yang Yoga 5-Day Teacher Training 

July 2009

The Sacred Crane, Spokane, Washington. Founder/Instructor. (Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung)

October 2009 - June 2011


Hope House, Spokane, Washington. Instructor. (Yoga)

March 2010 - May 2011


Women's Hearth, Spokane, Washington. Instructor. (Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung)

May 2010 - June 2011


Miryam's House, Spokane, Washington. Instructor. (Yoga and Meditation)

March 2011 - June 2011




An online learning platform offering high quality academic and professional education at low cost or no cost to students worldwide. 

Interaction Design (IxD) Community Leader, Aug 2019 – March 2020 

Lead discussions and post responses to promote Interaction Design Community participation and growth. Research relevant topics, develop and maintain a content calendar, work to expand community membership.

MentorSept 2016 – March 2020 

• Post resources, grade and provide feedback on student assignments, and communicate with course TAs and faculty regarding ideas, problems and needed updates. Support learners by responding to questions and actively promoting healthy discussions in the course forums.

• Founder and admin of the student Slack supporting the eight-course Interaction Design Specialization UC San Diego.


• Created an eLearning tutorial to support course content.

• Mentor courses for University of California San Diego on Coursera:

Human-Centered Design: An Introduction
User Experience: Research & Prototyping

YANG2020, New York, NY (Remote). November 2019 – February 2020

Event Support / Campaign Email Response - Volunteer for Andrew Yang Campaign for President. In a distributed team environment, edit and approve events for campaign MobilizeAmerica account. Respond to campaign email using HelpScout. Communicate and coordinate using Slack and Zoom. Provide content and support to Facebook team for all campaign pages in Washington State.

501 Commons, Seattle, Washington, Consultant.  June 2018 - October 2019

Established in 1989, this nonprofit provider of management consulting services supports nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

                           Spokane, Washington, Interim IT Program Manager.  October 2021 - March 2022

Managed a IT Infrastructure with multiple business lines and 10 staff members during a period of leadership change. Analyzed process and business development needs. Completed engagement and submitted recommendations for business model and process improvements to grow IT Program.

Pathways and Plan IT – Management and vendor-neutral IT solutions consulting for nonprofits. Primary deliverables: Needs analysis, action plans, and thought leadership.

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