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Kai Dailey. Happy woman wearing a hat on vacation.

Kai's research interest focuses on spirituality and mysticism in secular adult learning contexts. Her research evaluates theory, methods and outcomes related to contemplative pedagogies from a learning science perspective to assist educators in the informed selection, ethical implementation, and relevant assessment of contemplative practices within secular contexts.

Kai's contemplative teaching experience includes Montana State Women's Prison and homeless shelter/transitional housing in Spokane, WA. She is a registered yoga instructor (500 hours) since 2008 and a daily meditator for 19 years. She completed seven years of study with an American Daoist master. In 2009, she started The Sacred Crane to support independent practitioners of the Daoist Arts through hermitage, spiritual care, and the funding of travel and educational opportunities. 


Mystic, Writer, and Video Editor | Occasional IT Consultant. I've so many interests! Here's the top three I've consistently cultivated over the last four decades.

Administrative Process Consulting -  Lots of project experience (30+ years) designing, implementing, and facilitating administrative workflow solutions as both internal and external consultant. Project experience includes conducting qualitative needs analysis and process mapping to inform IT solutions/integrations. Human-centered design and lean process oriented. Extensive field interviewing and data gathering experience. I enjoy facilitating information/workflow mapping in one-on-one and workshop formats using participatory design methods. Experienced liaison between clients and IT solution providers.


Video Editing - My love of syncing music with images and telling visual stories started in childhood. My father taught me to create slide shows using two projectors and a dissolve unit when I was in grade school. I began creating short videos for fun in 2003. Eventually, I added a minor in media studies to my sociology major in college. In my junior year, I accepted a position as newscast assistant with the CBS affiliate in Billings, MT. I edited b-roll and packages for the daily news shows. I also worked as board-op for the Community 7 channel and completed an internship at Yellowstone Public Radio. I exhibited my first video essay 'Heroines in Film' during college in 2005. That first experience of watching an audience connect with my work was profound and fulfilling. In 2011-2013, I worked as production assistant on a documentary film short, 'Take Me Home'. Since then, I've continued to edit for friends and family and finally put a shingle out for freelance work in 2019. I completed my first film short 'Open' for Seattle Minute Movies in August of 2020. 


Spiritual Development and Community Education - I studied seven years with a quirky spiritual teacher in the Daoist tradition. To share what I'd learned, I began offering community education classes in a women's prison and homeless shelters. I also started a small Daoist yoga studio in my home called The Sacred Crane. It eventually became a not-for-profit supporting Daoist students with small grants. 


I'm currently developing a community education series on using dream work for personal and spiritual development. It is a labor of love (perhaps even my magnum opus?), incorporating my favorite things: research, writing, teaching, and video production. 


The foundation of all these is my love of reading, reflecting, meditation, and writing.

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