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Youtube Channel:  George Thompson

By Kai Dailey     |    Posted: May 29, 2021

In 2017, an aspiring Youtuber found himself floundering in his chosen profession after graduating college. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the hopes of finding topics to create videos about and to get himself motivated and creatively "unstuck." His journey led to an unexpected apprenticeship with a Daoist master living in a mountain temple in China. George's channel chronicles his studies with his teacher and his evolving understanding of Daoist philosophy and practice. He also shares practical tips and guidance about how to integrate Daoism into everyday life. His videos are creative and well produced. George is highly engaging and professional on camera (think BBC correspondent), yet authentic and revealing about his experiences. This series of videos bears witness to intimate details of a modern Daoist life. It is fascinating to watch George's transformation over the last three years of study and practice.  He continues to regularly post videos as his story unfolds and has compiled his story into a feature length film, "Journey to the East: can modern problems have ancient solutions?"

To start at the beginning of his amazing story, watch these first:

Disclosure: The Sacred Crane proudly sponsored George via Patreon from 2019-2021


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