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Established in 2009, The Sacred Crane began as not-for-profit community outreach sponsoring Daoist yoga instruction in homeless shelters in Spokane, Washington. Proceeds from the home studio supported volunteer teaching in the community. Over the last ten years, the mission evolved from outreach via community classes to providing Daoist practitioners funds to help with hermitage and travel expenses related to instruction and practice with skilled masters at home and abroad. We believe that supporting students' long years of training ensures that the American Daoist tradition continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the next generation. 


Kai Dailey is a Daoist practitioner. She spent seven years studying yoga, dao yin and chi kung with a Daoist master in North America. She's maintained a daily meditation practice for the last 19 years. She currently studies Chen-style with a Daoist taijiquan master. She works as a video editor on educational and documentary projects.


For information about hermitage development plans, please send a message.

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