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About The Sacred Crane


The Sacred Crane supports independent practitioners of traditional Daoist arts (kung fu, traditional Chinese medicine, music, calligraphy, painting, tai chi, feng shui) through the funding of hermitage, travel and educational opportunities. We seek to support practitioners committed to cultivating peace within themselves and to encourage the continued teaching and practice of Daoist practices in North America. The Sacred Crane supports Daoist practitioners in their quest to live long, healthy, peaceful lives.


The Sacred Crane distributes financial support through a variety of methods including Patreon, contributions to capital campaigns for developing Daoist schools, one-time individual practitioner awards, and yearly contributions to practitioners and working instructors. We also work to bring attention to exceptional Daoist practitioners and organizations in need of support.


Since 2011, The Sacred Crane's mission expanded to provide sanctuary and spiritual support to accomplished Daoist practitioners who feel called to commit to long-term retreat. To this end, our future goal is the establishment of The Sacred Crane Hermitage to provide work-study residencies for up to three years to advanced Daoist practitioners with verified endorsement from their teachers.

The Hermitage would also offer short-term fee-based retreats up to six months in duration to spiritual aspirants and contemplative higher education instructors of all faiths and traditions. For more information on hermitage development plans, please send a message.


In the pursuit of knowledge

everyday something is added

In following the Tao

everyday something is dropped

Less and less is done until you

arrive at non-action

When nothing is done

nothing is left undone

Mastery is gained by letting things take their own course

It cannot be gained by interfering

~Tao Te Ching

Be still.

Wait until until the mud settles and the water is clear. 

Tao is everywhere

It cannot be kept from the sincere.

~Deng Ming-Dao

But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer

to a question.


~Thomas Merton

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