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The Sacred Crane began as an extension of my work at the Montana State Women's prison in 2007.  In 2009, I moved to Spokane and established a home studio and a schedule of outreach classes in local homeless shelters. I started my studio with a hand drawn image of a whimsical crane inspired by the beautiful passage written by Master Deng Ming-Dao below.

Kai Dailey,


"The crane masterfully combines vigilance and movement. Those are exactly the qualities we need to go through life and to follow Tao. Vigilance is hard to get right. All too often we confuse vigilance with passivity. We are willing to wait and look, but we forget to act. Vigilance is not a matter of mere waiting. It is a matter of the correct timing. It takes an exquisite sense of proportion to know that we are not just standing still. We are moving no faster, and no slower than required by the situation."

~Deng Ming-Dao

Drawing by Dixie Marshall

Original flyer for classes at The Sacred Crane. Posted at local grocery store bulletin boards. 2009.

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