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Jungian and Daoist perspectives inform the collection of free and paid learning opportunities.

All About Dreams YouTube Channel

A free self-paced video course created by The Sacred Crane. It includes study guides and ad-free videos. Viewers who support the course on Patreon receive access to bonus course materials, discounts to workshops, and monthly opportunities to contribute to a moderated dream discussion group.  ​


Working with Your Dreams Online Meet Up

Monthly moderated dream discussion group. Available to All About Dream's Patreon subscribers. ​


Working with Your Dreams In-person Workshop Level I - Getting Started

A half-day workshop that includes introduction to dream journaling and reflecting on our personal relationship with dreaming. ​


Working with Your Dreams In-person Workshop Level II - Understanding Your Dreams

A half-day workshop that focuses on approaches for dream analysis.

Working with Your Dreams In-person Workshop Level III - Creating a Personal Dream Dictionary

Full day workshop that builds on Levels I and II. Students must have completed Levels I and II to register.

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