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Video Editing and Post Production Services

About Kai Dailey & Associates, LLC.

We are an ever growing collection of business, philanthropic and creative projects dedicated to helping people develop creatively, emotionally and spiritually. Be believe that happy, balanced people contribute to the creation and stewardship of equitable and sustainable societies. Through our products and services, charitable giving and filmmaking, we seek to support and encourage individuals in their efforts to cultivate life long health, peace and well being.

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Kai Dailey & Associates, LLC. is a privately held company based in Spokane, Washington. Incorporated in 2017, the company maintains a portfolio of brands: The Sacred Crane, KDA Creative, Dixlee Notes, and TribArt Studio. 
Kai Dailey, Founder and Chief Creative Director
Christopher Brannan, Founder and Business Development Officer
KDA Family of Projects

The Sacred Crane is a private not-for-profit that supports independent practitioners of the Daoist arts through the funding of hermitage, travel and educational opportunities.

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Video Editing and Post Production Services for documentary and instructional video.

Consumer goods company specializing in the design and manufacture of stationery, art and gifts.

TribArt Studio

An on going private film production experiment devoted to the creation of art films and documentary shorts.

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KDA Creative


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